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Debut Release "House Party"

House Party is proud to announce the independent release of their debut album for the summer of 2017. The self-titled five song EP features Christina Langen's strong, soulful vocals and House Party's own blend of Retro Rhythm and Blues Rock.

According to co-producers Johnny Lewis and Candi Langen, the approach to this album was all about playing for the song and capturing the energy of a live the performance in a home studio setting. Lewis laughed, "Yea, there are some dings and dents in there, but we were not going for a polished sound anyway. These are rock 'n roll songs, so it was really about having fun and capturing the energy." Langen added, "It is what it is and IT is all about heart and soul.

This project originally began in late November of 2016, however Christina was in her senior year of high school and she was prominent in all of their musical and theater productions. So this left very little time for House Party's recording schedule, but they all worked together whenever they had the chance. Johnny said, "This was a very different recording process in that the first two songs were really put together over time, while the later songs were recorded at once."

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This is also a very a family oriented project in that Candi's Mom and Dad sang backups on "Sweet Summertime" and her Grandfather performed on conga for "In The Bunk".

Candi closed with this insight, "Johnny's mother, Patti was a big fan of the band and came to dance at many shows. She unfortunately passed on in late September and the last thing she said to me was, 'The three of you need to make music together', so this album was inspired and dedicated to her".

All songs were written by Johnny Lewis, Christina Langen and Candi Langen in their home, Heart & Soul Studios near Salem, Ohio.

Liner Notes:

Track 1 - "I Climbed A Mountain"

Christina Langen - vocals / sax, Candi Langen - drums / vocals, Johnny Lewis - bass, keys, guitar, vocals, Billy King - tenor sax.

This was the first song written and recorded for this project, an easy groovin' pop / rock song inspired by Candi and Christina's mother / daughter, road trip to Colorado. They made stops in Chicago, Elvis' Graceland, the world's tallest waterslide in KC and across the plains to the the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Billy King is featured on tenor sax.

Track 2 - "Sweet Summertime"

Christina Langen - vocals, Candi Langen - drums / rhythm guitar / vocals, Johnny Lewis - bass / keys / vocals, Mike Rebold - guitar, Ron and Marilyn Roepke - backing vocals.

This is a fun, pop / rock tune with a catchy chorus that explores a girl's love of all things summer, especially her friends and of course... boys. Again, the story behind this song was based from another family outing. The "Jessie" that tapped Christina's shoulder was her cousin Jessica. The basic tracks were recorded over spring break while lead vocals and Mike's guitar leads were finalized in June.

Track 3 - "Movin' On"

Christina Langen - vocals, Candi Langen - drums / vocals, Johnny Lewis - bass / keys / vocals, Mike Rebold - guitar.

This hard driving rockin' / rap song was meant to be very straight forward, but over the top. After a school teacher of Christina's body shamed and degraded her in front of her classmates, Candi and Christina decided to pay him back with Rock 'N Roll by penning this passionate message of strength for anyone being bullied in school, regardless whether it is at the hands of a teacher or other students. "Stay strong and keep movin' on". Rebold's roaring wah-guitar work completes the overall feel for this unique and powerful song.

Track 4 - "In The Bunk"

Christina Langen - vocals / piano, Candi Langen - drums / guitar / bass / vocals, Johnny Lewis - vocals, Mike Rebold - guitar, Billy King - tenor sax, Lee Ringley - conga.

The last song recorded for the EP, this country blues song tells of a young woman dreaming about making music, while riding shotgun with an over the road trucker. Candi and Mike were just messing around with it in the studio, when Johnny hit the record button and let it roll. Candi then performed the drum and bass tracks and Billy King, again did what Billy does best... wail on sax! As a bonus, Christina's 84-year old Great Grandfather, was in town and despite suffering from dementia ,jumped at the chance to play conga for his Great Granddaughter.

Track 5 - "House Party"

Christina Langen - vocals / piano, Candi Langen - drums / vocals, Johnny Lewis - bass / vocals, Mike Rebold - guitar, Billy King - Tenor Sax.

This boogie woogie arrangement was recorded live and tells the story of how Johnny, Candi and Christina came to live and play together, as they each sing a verse. Mike and Billy both pulled off awesome performances in one take with little to no rehearsal, making this just a really fun song to record.

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